Saturday, February 7, 2009

Light and Fluffy Pancakes, HTCE p812

Pancake recipes seem easy enough, but I've had a devil of a time finding a consistent recipe. I've tried many recipes over the years, and consider myself an unsucessful pancake maker. They either come out too flat, too chewy, too dense, too light, too waffle-y, too doughy, too coarse, too bubbly, or too soapy (baking soda, ugh). A rare few times when the texture was decent, the recipe did not yield same results from batch to batch.

So I tried this recipe with usual skepticism. Was it going to be runny? rubbery? doughy? Nope. It was fluffy! The pancakes had weight to them, so I wouldn't call it "light". But the texture was tender and had the right chewiness. I made a stack of banana pancakes, and some blueberry pancakes with frozen berries.


  1. did bittman have you whip up the egg whites and fold them in? i find this to be the best method for fluffy pancakes. (and waffles too)

  2. he has a different recipe for that. I do like the whipped whites method, however, it is airy and doesn't have the same "chew". It's a different kind of good.