Monday, February 9, 2009

Simplest Apple Tart, HTCE p938

My upgraded food processor came today and boy is it a dream. I used to make pie crust by hand, which is time-consuming and pain in the behind. Yet, I have never compromised and bought frozen pie crust. So with a shiny (literally) toy I scored on eBay, I went to work. I decided to make an apple tart to try out the blades.

The Crust: I used a Martha Stewart pie crust recipe, similar to Flaky Piecrust (HTCE, p928). Rather than lining a pie plate, I decided to shape it into a flat dessert pizza. So I rolled it out, trimmed it, and baked it on a parchment-lined cookie sheet.

Apples: It is therapeutic to watch the apple slices spinning in the food processor. In my excitement to try out the blade, I forgot to peel the apples. However, with the slices at 1/8 inch thickness, the peel was not a problem. With the crust trimmed to an approximate square, I arranged apple slices in rows rather than circles.

Glaze: The glaze was simply melted apricot jam, brushed on after 40 minutes, and baked for an addition 8 minutes.

The thin, crispy, buttery crust was probably the best part of the dessert. Since the apples were dry and the crust was dry, this probably could have used a syrupy layer below the apples. Next time, I might try some applesauce.


  1. This looks great Mo! I love the way the apple slices look all lined up like that.

  2. Where's the photo of the food processor???

  3. it was delicious and i want more! can we come over for dinner this sunday? (just kidding, i'm having 4 of my cousins over for a family reunion.)